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Awaken your mind. Open your heart. Heal your body.

Are you so busy that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel deeply relaxed? Do you sometimes struggle to focus on work or feel present in the moment with your friends or family? Are you yearning to reconnect with yourself and be inspired by a new place and new skills? If so, our retreats on the welcoming island of Gozo in Malta are just for you.

The hustle and bustle of day to day life can over stimulate our busy brains and leave us vulnerable to stress and emotional fragmentation. After a few days on the island of Gozo in Malta you’ll come away relaxed and rejuvenated. You’ll be filled with enthusiasm and inspiration to live your life more fully and with greater ease.


Gozo is the PERFECT place to spend a few delightful days and nights. Our retreats offer you a chance to pause and explore your circumstances from a fresh perspective. The mission is to offer you a unique experience where you feel supported to live with an awakened mind, open heart and relaxed body. Your inward journey can be accelerated. Great insights can be accessed. You can feel truly and vibrantly alive.

By using modern mindfulness practices, as well as yoga, profoundly relaxing sound baths, ancient rituals and massage we aim to help you increase your resilience and improve your ability to manage your emotions and cope with stress. We also use structured time with horses and healing activities in some of the most ancient locations in Gozo to provide a truly enriching and life-enhancing experience suitable for beginners or experienced mindfulness practitioners.

2018 Retreat Dates

MOTHER NATURE'S CALLING: Mindful Movement, Yoga and Hiking Retreat
Location: The island of Gozo, Malta
Date: Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd April 2018

RESTORE AND HEAL: Yoga, Mindfulness and Hiking Retreat with Healthy Food
Location: The island of Gozo, Malta
Date: Monday 14th to Sunday 20th May 2018

WILD AWAKE: Men's Personal Development Retreat with Mindfulness, Yoga, Tai Chi and Adventure
Location: The island of Gozo, Malta
Date: Monday 4th to Saturday 10th June 2018

HEAL DIFFERENTLY: Mindfulness Based Retreat with Horses (Equine-Assisted Therapy)
Location: The island of Gozo, Malta
Date: Sunday 16th to Saturday 22nd September 2018

Why Retreat?
Retreat is an opportunity to step out of the complexity of your life and embrace new tools that will enable you to live more mindfully, with greater ease and self-kindness. Through different mindfulness and movement practices you will experience first-hand the impact that developing awareness can have on your mind and body. You will be introduced to a range of skills to help you be more embodied, calm and responsive and less controlled by worry or constant mental chatter. You will learn new tools to help you build your resilience to physical and emotional pain, whether expressed through anxiety, fear or depression. This retreat will combine the fertile atmosphere of Gozitan silence with time for meditation and walks in nature, supported by systematic instructions and Pilates sessions. Our aim is to support you in living with an alert yet calm mind and open heart through profoundly relaxing sound bath, structured activities with horses, exploring some of the most ancient locations on the island and optional Lomi Lomi massage.

Why Mindfulness?
Through different mindfulness practices you will experience first-hand the impact that developing awareness can have on your mind and body. You will be introduced to a range of skills to help you be more embodied, calm and responsive and less controlled by worry or constant mental chatter. You will learn new tools to help you build your resilience to physical and emotional pain, whether expressed through anxiety, fear or depression.

Why Yoga?
Daily Yoga classes will include a combination of different styles: Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Naam Yoga. Yoga provides excellent tools to enhance our sense of embodiment and presence in the here and now. The sessions are led in the spirit of nurturing and respecting our limits rather than striving or competition. The sessions are suitable for all, whatever your level of experience in Yoga. You will be introduced to:
- Yogic breathing techniques to calm the mind, promote clarity of thought and reduce stress and anxiety
- Pranayama, which is said to purify the blood and respiratory systems and impart radiance to the body
- Yoga poses (asana), which promote balance, strength and flexibility
- Mantras to deepen clarity of mind and enhance inner tranquility

If you're not sure what to expect from a retreat please watch this video.

You will learn to:
Practice mindfulness formally and in your daily life
Cultivate the attitudes of mind that incline you toward compassionate engagement with the world
Handle emotions and challenging situations with greater ease
Be more embodied and connected to yourself and the world around you
Develop the body uniformly, correct wrong postures and restore physical vitality
Support yourself at times of difficulty or failure
Take steps towards appreciating yourself
Be less judgemental of yourself and others
Work with emotions skillfully in a body-oriented way
To be kind to yourself instead of wishing things were different all the time, or driving yourself to meet impossible goals

Retreat Location
This retreat will take place in the middle of the Mediterranean sea on the island of Gozo in the village of Ghammar. Gozo, which means 'joy', is a little spit of land sitting in the Mediterranean Sea with unique rocky coastal landscape, waters so crystal-clear and the sky so bright blue that you’ll have to rub your eyes to believe what you are seeing. Gozo is the second largest island of the Maltese Archipelago and is an ideal destination for those who treasure a slow, relaxed rhythm of life and cherish unspoilt countryside and being close to the sea.

How to Get Here
Fly in to Malta International Airport (flights are between £85 and £130). There is a direct bus X1 (€2), couches and taxis, that will take you from the airport directly to the Gozo Ferry Terminal. It takes 20 minutes to cross to Gozo. You only pay for the ferry when you leave the island (€4.50). Taxi to the farmhouse is around €17.

Retreat Accommodation
We will be staying in two traditional but modern Gozitan houses. The houses are of high standard and comfortable with a fully equipped kitchen, plenty of bathrooms and showers and outside swimming pools. Most bedrooms are twin and with en-­suites and there are two bedrooms with double beds available for couples.There are also spacious living areas and public bathrooms on the ground floor. If you have any mobility problems and would like to reserve a ground floor bedroom please let us know at the point of booking.

Retreat Fees

Fees start at £600. Please visit for details.

10% discount for couples and other bookings in twos.

If finance is problematic at the moment and you feel you would benefit from participating in this retreat, please get in touch. We are committed to offering this retreat to those who need it.

The fee includes accommodation, mindfulness tuition, daily Pilates instruction, activities with horses, trips, sound bath session, 3 delicious meals a day and unlimited snacks and drinks. Participants are expected to arrange their own flights. CPD certificates are available on request.

Retreat Features

Morning and afternoon mindfulness tuition and practice sessions
Morning Pilates instructions
Delicious organic breakfast, lunch & dinner (vegetarian and some seafood)
Community living, periods of working meditation and involvement in preparation of meals
Amazing sound bath experience
Structured activities with horses
Access to two private pools
Quality accommodation with en-suite bathrooms
Systematic instructions and careful guidance
Periods of silence to deepen one’s practice of mindfulness
Guided walks and expedition around the island
Structured activities with horses

This retreat will be facilitated by Luka Hadrych, who will teach mindfulness and compassion-based approaches. In addition to his psychotherapeutic background, Luka has developed his own practice and studied the therapeutic applications of mindfulness and meditation. Luka’s passion for mindfulness comes from conviction that it has profound effects that can be demonstrated scientifically as well as from the changes he has experienced in his own life as a result of regular practice. He will be supported by Dorota Los, who is a physiotherapist, massage therapist and Pilates instructor, and Magdalena Jokiel, who is a physiotherapist and Lomi Lomi practitioner and teacher.

Other activities
Gozo is known as a great destination for nature walks, hiking, snorkeling, diving and trips to the beach or cliffs. You can also visit one of its impressive churches, local markets, or wine farms. We can also recommend a local massage therapist for those who are interested. There are plenty of options and some of our past retreatants were happy to arrive in Gozo a few days before the retreat or stay on afterwards.

Cancellation policy
In the event that you need to cancel your place, one month’s notice is required to receive a full refund on the fee. Refunds are not given beyond that point; however, your place can be transferred to someone you know. A place is reserved only when the £200 deposit is received. We reserve the right to make alternations to our events should the need arise.

We request that a non-refundable deposit of £300 is paid at the time of booking. The rest of the amount is due 4 weeks prior to the retreat. To book please go to

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There will be time to dip into and relax in one of the pools (outdoor and indoor pools available)

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There will be opportunities to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Gozo. We will go hiking as a group and there will be time for solitary walks in nature.

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