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Luka Hadrych, BSc (Hons), MSc, PGCert, PGDip, PGCert, MBACP

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Professional Background
I am an experienced psychotherapist and intensively trained DBT therapist registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I have extensive experience of working in the NHS, including at a specialist personality disorder service, and in private practice. I also trained as a teacher of Mindfulness and couple therapist. My training has been in a number of therapeutic models, including relational, experiential and behavioural therapies. This allows me to tailor your therapy experience to your emotional needs and concerns rather than trying to fit you into a particular type of therapy.

I have also continued my professional development in couple counselling and have special interest in supporting couples to regain and enhance emotional intimacy by exploring and understanding their difficulties and putting into action more helpful ways of interacting and communicating. The approach I have found particularly transformative is based on Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, pioneered by Dr Sue Johnson. You're welcome to find out more about this approach by clicking here.

I am the founder of Mind-Reframed, London-based ‪team supporting clients who experience difficulties in regulating their emotions and struggle with impulsive urges, behaviours and chaotic relationships. We provide Dialectical Behaviour Therapy as designed by Dr Marsha Linehan. We share Dr Linehan's vision to make compassionate and scientifically valid treatments available to people with complex emotional difficulties. We offer both individual DBT in different parts of London and DBT skills classes near Kings Cross, Angel and Online via Zoo. We also provide the twice weekly programme in Mentalisation-Based Therapy in Islington for people living with Borderline Personality Disorder, emotion regulation difficulties and intense relationships.

My Approach to Supporting You
The space of therapy is open to all aspects of our experience as human beings and my work as a therapist is to help you make sense of these experiences and put in place workable solutions that will enable you to feel more authentic and freed up from patterns that no longer serve you. Having the understanding of why and how we behave can enable us to make decisions and modify our behaviour in our best interest rather than act automatically.

I will be committed in working with you to help you become aware of what holds you back from living your life to the fullest and to manage obstacles more effectively. Our work together begins with an initial meeting, which lasts 50 minutes, to explore your needs and expectations as well as how we work together. During this meeting you will have time to speak about your concerns in a non-judgmental and confidential setting. This will enable you to see if you feel comfortable with me as your therapist.

My therapeutic approach in private practice is integrative which means that my training as a psychotherapist drew on different approaches to therapy in order to enable me to utilise the most valuable and relevant aspects of each, recognizing that no single approach fits all people. My clinical training entailed relational counselling and psychotherapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioural techniques (CBT) and Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT).

In addition to seeing clients in private practice I have provided counselling and psychotherapy in a variety of settings, such as GP surgeries, talking therapies services and community centres. Between 2012 and 2017 I worked as a psychotherapist at a specialist personality disorder service in the NHS. In this role I lead and co-facilitate DBT skills groups and give individual therapy to people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and showing traits of extreme emotional sensitivity. For a number of years prior to that I had worked for an IAPT service where people who struggle with low mood/depression and anxiety were supported with techniques based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

Core Professional Qualifications and Post-Qualifying Training

MSc in Clinical and Community Psychology, University of East London
Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Roehampton University
Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychological Well-Being Practice (Low Intensity CBT), Canterbury Christ Church University
Post-Graduate Certificate in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy, University of East Anglia

Intensive Training and Expert Supervision in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, British Isles DBT and Behavioral Tech, LLC
Certificate and CPD in Teaching Mindfulness, Mindfulness Scotland, Mindfulness Association and British Isles DBT
Externship and Core Skills Advanced Training (Levels 1-4) in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy: Dr Scott Woolley and Dr Zoya Simakhodskaya, ICEEFT
Couple Dynamics: CPD Course in Couple Therapy with Ruth Morgan
Radically Open DBT for Disorders of Over-control: Intensive training for difficulties associated with excessive self-control related to anorexia nervosa, treatment-resistant depression, chronic anxiety, autism spectrum, isolation and loneliness, forming and maintaining relationships, perfectionism and obsessive compulsive personality, Professor Thomas Lynch and the Radically Open Ltd Team
Mentalisation-Based Treatment (MBT): Anna Freud Centre
Narrative Exposure Therapy for Trauma: Vivo International and Institute for Psychotrauma, London
DBT Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Dr Melanie Harned, The Linehan Institute

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
Society for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in the UK and Ireland
International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy
British Focusing Association

Scope of Practice and Professional Interests
I work with individuals who are seeking inner balance, want to free themselves from emotional suffering and want to cope better with difficulties ranging from anxiety and depression to relationship problems and self-harm. I also have special interest in supporting people living with emotion regulation difficulties, borderline personality disorder and highly sensitive personality as well as working with couples. My therapeutic work is strongly influenced by the life-enhancing practice of mindfulness and I offer both individual and group mindfulness sessions in which you can learn and practice mindfulness meditation. During my years of working as a therapist I also noticed how people's difficulties are often fuelled by self-criticism and self-attacking and this observation triggered my interest in compassion-based therapy.

Personal Philosophy
I believe in treating my clients as a person rather than just their condition or difficulty. My primary aim is to provide a warm, trusting relationship through which you will be able to develop new perspectives on difficult or problematic personal issues. I will be committed to work with you and support you whichever diverse background you are from and I will respect your individuality at all times. This includes respect for your race, sexual orientation, culture, spiritual beliefs and lifestyle choices. I have worked effectively with clients from the UK and from all over Europe, Middle East, Asia, Latin America, USA, the Caribbean and Africa.

Fees for face to face and online sessions

Individual therapy, DBT and couple therapy sessions: £135
2-hour DBT skills class £85
90-minute DBT skills class £75
MBT Group Therapy £80

Tel: 07891901607

I work from the following venues:

49A Long Lane
London Bridge

Brighter Spaces
2A Prebend Street,
N1 8PT

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